Exterior view of cottage in blues and whites with trees dotting the landscape. Interior living area with ottoman as focal point. Dining room in background.Dining area with sideboard and curio cabinet on walls, and elegant table with 6 settings. An open kitchen with plenty of counter space, rustic cabinets frame a sink and window with blinds. Breakfast nook with fruit basket as center piece to a white table. A large ornate clock hangs on the wall above an ice bucket and tray. A bedroom with bedspread and curtains in a black and white pattern. Bedside tables flank the bed on both sides. Chair and dresser also shown. A bathroom with hanging mirror, makeup mirror, above sink. Bathroom features same wall patern as bedroom. Interior bedroom with sharp grays in contrast to white room/bedspread. Throw pillows with black and white diamond accents adorn the bed. An den/window nook with sleeper futons decorated in black and white patterns with matching curtains and spreads on futons. Exterior view of bricked patio. A long view of patio table / chairs and setee.